PE Drip Irrigation Hose

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PE Drip Irrigation Hose Pipe

PE drip irrigation hose is widely used in drip irrigation of agricultural planting, landscaping, greenhouse vegetables and other crops. Drip irrigation is a precise irrigation method that utilizes a low-pressure piping system to deliver water directly to the field. The water is then slowly and evenly dripped into the soil near the root zone of the crop through emitters, such as drippers, orifices, or drip tapes installed on the capillary tubes.

Drip tapes are an essential component of drip irrigation systems. They are long, thin plastic pipes with emitters or orifices installed on them. Based on their structure and shape, drip tapes can be categorized into the following types:

  • Patch-type drip tape: Emitters are installed on the inner wall of the drip tape and covered with a protective film.
  • Inline cylindrical drip tube: Emitters are embedded in the inner wall of the drip tape and integrated with the drip tape.
  • Maze drip tape: The inside of the emitter has a maze-like flow path, which can slow down the water flow rate and improve irrigation uniformity.
  • Blue track drip tape: The inner wall of the drip tape has a blue track that can prevent emitter clogging.

Drip irrigation technology is widely used in agricultural production and is an important trend in modern agricultural development.

Product Description

The structure and characteristics of the PE Drip Irrigation Hose are as follows:


  1. Outer Protective Layer: Typically made of abrasion and corrosion-resistant polyethylene (PE) material, it shields the inner pipe from external damage.
  2. Inner Drip Irrigation Pipe: This is the main conduit through which water flows, usually constructed from polyethylene (PE) with good durability and chemical resistance.


  1. Water-Efficient: PE Drip Irrigation Hose delivers water directly to the plant roots, reducing water evaporation and waste, thereby enhancing irrigation efficiency.
  2. Corrosion Resistance: Due to its polyethylene construction, the hose exhibits excellent resistance to corrosion, minimizing degradation from soil chemicals.
  3. Aging Resistance: Specially treated for durability, the hose demonstrates resilience to aging, maintaining color and shape over prolonged outdoor use.
  4. Flexibility: The hose is pliable and easily bends to accommodate various field layouts, making it simple to install and maintain.
  5. Environmental Safety: Being non-toxic and odorless, the PE material is safe for plant irrigation, meeting environmental and health standards.
  6. Customizability: PE Drip Irrigation Hoses can be customized to suit specific irrigation needs, including different diameters, lengths, and drip hole spacings.

In summary, PE Drip Irrigation Hoses are characterized by water efficiency, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, flexibility, environmental safety, and customizability, making them a commonly used irrigation tool in modern agriculture.

PE Drip Irrigation Hose


Precise Water Distribution: The PE Drip Irrigation Hose delivers water directly to the roots of plants, ensuring efficient water usage and minimizing water wastage. This precise water distribution promotes healthy plant growth and maximizes crop yield.

Durability: Constructed from durable polyethylene material, our hose is highly resistant to UV radiation, chemicals, and abrasion, ensuring long-lasting performance in harsh agricultural environments.

Flexibility: Despite its sturdy construction, the PE Drip Irrigation Hose remains flexible and easy to maneuver, allowing for easy installation and customization to fit the specific needs of each crop or field layout.

Water Conservation: By delivering water directly to the root zone, our hose helps conserve water by minimizing evaporation and runoff. This water-saving feature is particularly beneficial in arid regions or areas facing water scarcity.

Ease of Maintenance: Our PE Drip Irrigation Hose requires minimal maintenance, reducing labor and operating costs for farmers. Its simple design and durable construction ensure reliable performance with minimal upkeep.


Crop Irrigation: Our PE Drip Irrigation Hose is ideal for irrigating a wide range of crops, including vegetables, fruits, grains, and flowers. It ensures consistent moisture levels in the root zone, promoting healthy growth and maximizing yield.

Greenhouse Cultivation: In greenhouse cultivation, our hose provides precise water distribution to potted plants or growing beds, creating optimal growing conditions for various crops.

Orchard Irrigation: Our hose is well-suited for irrigating orchards, vineyards, and fruit trees, delivering water directly to the root system while minimizing weed growth and soil erosion.

Nursery and Landscape Irrigation: Our PE Drip Irrigation Hose is also used in nurseries and landscape applications to water potted plants, shrubs, and ornamental trees, ensuring efficient water usage and maintaining landscape aesthetics.

Terrace and Rooftop Gardens: For urban agriculture and rooftop gardening projects, our hose provides a convenient and efficient solution for watering plants in confined spaces, maximizing green space utilization in urban areas.

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