TPU Lay Flat Hose

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TPU lay flat hose is suitable for fracturing water supply during shale oil and gas extraction, oil transportation, coal mine emergency drainage, emergency drainage, urban emergency drainage, agricultural water supply and irrigation, industrial wastewater transportation, fire remote water supply and other industries.

Product Description

  • Structure: The braided layer material of the hose is high-strength polyester filament.
  • The glue and outer glue layer are made of polyurethane material extruded in one go.
  • Features: Wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance
  • properties, will not harden, become brittle or break in cold environments
  • Application scope: petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, agriculture, water conservancy, mining mountain rescue, firefighting and other fields, long distance, large flow of liquid or Ideal for gas delivery.
  • Applicable temperature: -40℃~70℃.


  • Anti-UV performance: Observed under a 2x magnifying glass, there are no cracks in the outer rubber layer of the hose.
  • Wear resistance: When using H-22 grinding wheel without additional pressure, the number of grinding wheel revolutions when the reinforcement layer is exposed shall not be less than 250,000 revolutions.
  • Scratch resistance: The number of tool cycles when the hose used for ship-to-ship oil transportation or shore-to-ship oil and water transportation is scratched and leaked is not less than 7,000 times.
  • Antistatic: The oil delivery hose is woven with continuous conductive static wires. The static conductive wire ensures that there is continuity between the two joints of the hose, and its maximum resistance value is not greater than 50/s. When the hose is coiled, folded, and subjected to the internal pressure specified in the specification, the hose is guaranteed to be conductive at all times.
  • Anti-oil pollution: When the hose is used to transport oil materials whose colloid content needs to be controlled, the test fluid after filling with liquid will be clear and translucent, with no impurities such as suspended solids. After the test, the detergent colloid content of the test solution shall not be greater than 6mg/100ml.
  • Hydraulic performance: The test pressure and minimum burst pressure of the hose should comply with regulations. Under the test pressure, the hose should have no leakage, obvious deformation, etc. When blasting the pipe, it should be blasted longitudinally. Under the design working pressure, the change rate of the hose length should not be greater than 2%, and the diameter expansion rate should not be greater than 7%. Viewed along the direction of the water flow, the hose should not twist counterclockwise.
  • Waterproof and contaminant: Meet the safety evaluation standard requirements of GB/T17219
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