TPU Fire Hose

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The polyurethane (TPU) lined lightweight fire hose has excellent cold resistance, aging resistance, and oil resistance. It does not become stiff or brittle and crack in cold environments. The hose is lightweight, fast-flowing, easy to coil, and suitable for various work sites.

TPU Fire Hose


  • The double-sided adhesive tape features a polyurethane (TPU) outer layer, and the lining can be customized according to customer requirements, with options including synthetic rubber, PVC, and natural rubber linings.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape with synthetic rubber lining exhibits excellent aging resistance.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape with PVC lining is competitively priced, catering to the habits of consumers at various levels.
  • It is characterized by abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, no cleaning required, and repairability.
  • Widely used in oil fields, chemical plants, firefighting, ship and vessel oil supply, agricultural irrigation, and other fields.

Fire hose manufacturing process


The advantages of TPU fire hoses include:

  1. Flexibility: TPU fire hoses are highly flexible, making them easier to handle and maneuver during firefighting operations, even in tight spaces.
  2. Durability: TPU material is known for its durability, providing resistance against abrasion, punctures, and chemicals, ensuring the hose’s longevity and reliability.
  3. Lightweight: TPU fire hoses are lightweight compared to traditional rubber hoses, reducing fatigue for firefighters and enabling easier deployment and retrieval.
  4. High Burst Pressure: These hoses typically have a high burst pressure, ensuring reliable performance under pressure and maintaining water flow during firefighting operations.
  5. Resistance to Aging: TPU material exhibits excellent resistance to aging, ensuring the hose remains functional and reliable over time, even with prolonged exposure to environmental factors.
  6. Low Friction Loss: TPU fire hoses offer low friction loss, maximizing water flow efficiency and minimizing energy consumption during firefighting.
  7. Environmental Safety: TPU material is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, suitable for use in firefighting applications without posing health risks.
TPU Fire Hose
Double sided tape fire hose
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